Acutis Game™ 

The First Decentralized Catholic Open-World Metaverse.



There's an amazing journey ahead, inspired by the faith and determination of Blessed Carlo Acutis, a Catholic teenager who loved video games and harnessed the power of the Internet to educate the world about Eucharistic miracles. In the Acutis Game™ you will join Blessed Carlo on epic adventures, exploring the lives of Catholic saints, amazing holy sites, and Biblical stories. Discover a world of imagination and inspiration that will grow over time with exciting new video games and virtual reality experiences.**

About Faith Games™ 

Faith Games, Inc. was created by Catholic technologists to use virtual reality, gaming, and other multimedia content for Catholic education and evangelization. We already have content under the MetaCatholic™ brand name, and we are currently developing additional VR and gaming experiences, including content under the Acutis Game™ name.